Strawberry Rasbora

Strawberry Rasbora

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Approximately ½ inch purchase size, mixed males and females. 

Strawberry Rasboras (Boraras naevus) is a micro fish originating from Thailand. They inhabit shallow bodies of clear water with thick vegetation. They are a micropredator feeding on small insects and worms. However in the aquarium will readily accept dried foods. A very peaceful fish but care must be given when deciding tank mates. Their small stature can make them tasty treats to larger fish. A shoaling fish that should be kept in groups of 8 or more. Adults rarely reach an inch in length. 

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Diet: Carnivore

Temp: 68 - 82°

pH: 5.0 -7.5


*Product Photo is for reference only. Exact fish will very in size