Peacock Gudgeon
Peacock Gudgeon

Peacock Gudgeon

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Approximately 1½ - 2 inch purchase size, mixed males and females. 

Peacock Gudgeons are peaceful smaller fish. They have a maximum size of 3 inches. In the wild they can be found in lowland streams, ponds and rivers. They are a somewhat social fish and can be found in loose shoals in the wild. They have a tendency to prefer soft slightly acidic water with lots of vegetation. They like to have lots of places to hide and often spawn in the aquarium. They are also very good jumpers so tightly fitted lids are needed. This beautiful little fish is not actually a goby; it's a member of the Eleotridae family. It is commonly known as sleepers or gudgeon. Members of this family lack the fused pectoral fins of true gobies.

Care Level: Easy

Temperament: Peaceful

Diet: Carnivore - Accepts most dried foods but appreciates live and frozen. 

Temp: 72 - 79°

pH: 6.5 -7.5


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